Why do I need a Coach?

Life Coaching…. it’s not just for celebrities!

Life coaching is forward looking, goal oriented, and focused on personal and professional growth.  I use a number of positive psychology tools and framework in my practice to help catapult you into your best life!

Life Coaching is not therapy! Therapy is great and people should absolutely take this route if that’s what they need!   Life coaches can’t necessarily help you deal with trauma in life the way that a therapist can. Therapy and coaching do go hand in hand though!  A life coach can help you to move forward while you are seeking therapy or after you’ve finished.  A good coach will understand where you are and help you to put plans and actions into place in order to turn your dreams into your reality!

There’s a myriad of articles out there on why you should hire a life coach, here’s my quick top 10 list of why hiring a coach is the best thing you can do for yourself:

  1. To get to know who YOU really are! Not the roles you play, or the masks you wear but the uniquely you YOU!
  2. A coach will help you identify those things that are holding you back from living your best life – turning those “I can’t’s” into “I cans”
  3. A coach can help you see your potential when you can’t.
  4. Help you to visualize this potential and your best life!
  5. Put your dreams into ACTION!
  6. A coach will hold you accountable to your plan and keep you focused!
  7. A coach can help to train your brain into a more positive mindset, helping you bounce back quicker when life gets to be a bit too much!
  8. Having an ongoing coaching relationship can boost all the areas of your life including personal, professional, spiritual, financial, emotional, etc, etc…
  9. A coach will guide you to find the answers that are within you – not give you answers, not tell you what to do, simply provide some navigation through the rough waters so that you can look forward to smooth sailing!
  10. Because YOU are WORTH IT!

Contact me today for a discovery session!  There’s never any obligation and if it’s not a fit, I know a number of other fabulous coaches that might just be perfect for you!

xo Lissa