The Truth About Balance

We all strive to achieve balance in our lives, while this is a noble goal, it’s not always one that works or makes us happy.  Perhaps you love your career and it feeds your soul in a way that going to the gym or spending time with family and friends just doesn’t.  It’s okay to unbalance your life if doing so provides you with a level of satisfaction that you can’t find anywhere else.  Too often we feel guilty when we do things that seem to go against social norms or what we think is expected of us.  Let go of the guilt and focus on what gives you the best feeling in all these areas of life.

You will notice that if one of these areas  is not where it should be, then the others may be affected as well.  Life isn’t about neatly separated boxes, it’s about intertwining circles that we should strive to have all spinning in a way that makes us feel like we are living our best life!  Nobody can tell us what that looks like. We need to find that truth within ourselves.

It’s unrealistic to expect that we’ll have a perfect circle or a balanced life and I’ll say it again -  we need to let go of any external or internal expectations about this.  Your job is to find the best life for you!  Changes can’t and won’t happen overnight but by being aware of where we sit in these areas, we can spend the time focusing on where to make changes that lead to a place of happiness.

These are all very personal choices for you.  Perhaps you’re a stay at home Mom and love every second of it but society tells you that you should be out working and “contributing”.  If staying at home with your kids feeds your soul in a way that no other job could, then you are doing exactly what you are supposed to.  Conversely, if you would like nothing more than to be working out of the house in a career that lights you up, then by all means, figure out a way to do that!

We all have individual strengths that make us who we are.  For most of our lives, we are told that we need to work on our weaknesses.  This is WRONG, our greatest areas of potential and growth are in doing the things that we’re already good at.  We need to learn to manage around our weaknesses with family members or co-workers or simply by figuring out a way to get through those dreaded tasks that suck the life out of us.  This doesn’t make us a bad person or a less successful person.  That person that looks like they have it all has either figured out how to manage around their weaknesses or is wearing a mask to the world when inside they are probably struggling just as much or more than you are.

Go ahead, UNBALANCE your life in a way that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning! Everyone around you will notice the change, the new lightness in your step, the huge smile on your face, and the light that you are shining on the world.  Let’s face it, life is short – You owe it to yourself to make it the best one that you can!

Until next time...