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Transform your team into an engaged and productive one by finding out what drives them. This interactive workshop/training session will identify the unique strengths that each of your team members possess and how they fit together to determine the strengths of your team. By learning how each member of your team works you can improve:

• Communication

• Engagement

• Decision Making

• Productivity

Pre-work for this workshop includes taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and completing a survey. This ½ day group session will include information regarding “strengths” as identified by Donald Clifton and the Gallup organization. We’ll look at the various domains that your group’s strengths fall under and discuss the individual strengths in common that each team member has as well as the outliers.

By the end of this session, each member of your team will have a better understanding of not only how they approach work but how their co-workers approach work and ultimately how the team functions together.

Finally, I will offer up some strategies and solutions to use with your team to utilize their strengths in a way that will improve the way your team functions.

One on one coaching for each team member is also available.

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BenefitLinkJay Kemp - Principal

This has been amazingly helpful for me – it has really opened my eyes, and put me more in tune with our team.