Along with my passion for people - I also have a passion for business.   From solopreneurs to independently owned small to medium size businesses.  I believe that the success of any endeavour lies in the person or people behind it.  Growing up in family operated businesses and following this trend throughout my career, I truly have a soft spot for the courage, the resilience, and the motivation that independent business owners all seem to share.   Regardless of the size of your business, having a strong foundation, a strong plan, and a strong team are instrumental in your success - I would love to help you gain some clarity on your business strategy, your foundation, your culture, and building strong teams to reach your goals.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. ~Peter Drucker

Strong Foundation

Having a clear destination in mind for your business - your vision, along with identified values, and defining your purpose - your WHY will enable you to make solid decisions when you reach those forks in the road.

Strong Plan

Create your map or your plan to reach that vision.  It shouldn't be so defined that that you can't take a side trip every now and then that may include the magic you're looking for to reach your final destination.

Strong Team

Transform your team into an engaged and productive one by finding out what drives them. Identify the unique strengths that your team members possess and how they fit together to create a strong team.

Other Business Options

Human Resources Consulting

Not every company is big enough for an HR department.  Not every company needs one.  There are times though when it would be nice to have that expertise available.

Services include:

~Lunch & Learns

~HR Document Review & Creation

~Performance Management

~Employee Engagement

Leadership Training & Coaching

Do you have one or more superstars that are now ready to take on the position of leading others?  Do they excel in technical expertise, and perhaps lack a little in the interpersonal side of things?  If you've answered yes to these questions, contact me.  We can build custom packages to provide exactly the type of training that your people need to set them (and you) up for success.

Need More Information?

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