Strong Life - Strong Business

My passion lies in helping people achieve their dreams through Strengths Coaching and Strategic Mindset Mentoring - working with clients to bust through the faulty belief systems that may be holding them back and being their partner and biggest cheerleader as they work towards living a strong life!

You may feel stuck, you may even feel broken or maybe you have a vision or a dream - something you want to reach for - maybe you're even feeling like you don't deserve more - I'm here to tell you that you do deserve it!  You are not broken and it's time to get unstuck!

I  remember feeling that way too and I'm so blessed to be able to share my insight, my tools, and my lessons with you so that you can step into the life that you're meant to be living!

Any journey into living your best life ought to start with an understanding of who you are including your unique talents and strengths!  That's why I've developed the Strong Life Playbook™ to help people just like you step into their awesomeness and truly live a life worth living!

We have many one on one coaching packages available and they can all be customized to fit your needs! Coaching can be done in person or via phone or video conference! We've got you covered!

It's time to live your strongest life!

Strong Self

Start the path to your Strong Life by Uncovering Your Strengths. Dig into your natural talents and strengths and understand the filters through which you make decisions.


You love your partner and sometimes it feels like you're from 2 different planets! Learn how you complement each other and strengthen your relationship.


It's a strategic plan for your life!  Using your strengths, discover your purpose, your vision, your why for life and set about creating a life plan that's just as unique as you are!

Other Ways We Can Connect

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Regular classes in Sherwood Park for women.   If you're ready to find your tribe, we're ready to welcome you with open arms.

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Turn your dreams into reality by being a Goal Digger!  See events on right for upcoming workshop dates or ask me about one on options.

Love for Ever Evolving You

Lissa and her Ever Evolving Women's Group has helped me begin my journey to finding myself again. For years I have been someone's wife or someone's mom that I forgot who I was. With this group of incredible women, I have found unlimited support and encouragement to become the best version of myself.

Business Coaching

Along with my passion for people - I also have a passion for business.   From solopreneurs to independently owned small to medium size businesses.  I believe that the success of any endeavour lies in the person or people behind it.  Growing up in family operated businesses and following this trend throughout my career, I truly have a soft spot for the courage, the resilience, and the motivation that independent business owners all seem to share.   Regardless of the size of your business, having a strong foundation, a strong plan, and a strong team are instrumental in your success - I would love to help you gain some clarity on your business strategy, your foundation, and your culture to reach your goals.  If you're looking for Human Resources solutions, click here.

Strong Foundation

Having a clear destination in mind for your business - your vision, along with identified values, and defining your purpose - your WHY will enable you to make solid decisions for your business.

Strong Plan

Create your map or your plan to reach that vision.  It shouldn't be so defined that that you can't take a side trip every now and then that may include the magic you're looking for to reach your final destination.

Next Steps...

Contact Lissa today for your free, no obligation discovery session to see what package fits your needs!