Lissa Daub specializes in heart-based coaching to assist her clients in recognizing their strengths, their untapped potential and how to use that uniqueness to create successful change.  She works with individual and group clients in both personal and corporate settings.  Lissa’s intuitive abilities are an invaluable tool in assisting clients on their journey of self-discovery to further personal effectiveness, and more importantly, to reveal what their soul has been yearning for all along.  Lissa guides her clients in reflecting and facilitating their strengths, while creating strategies and solutions to enable them to live their most fulfilling lives.

Lissa’s vision for Makobe River Coaching is to provide each and every person a chance to discover how to live their best life that is true to their heart’s calling.  Whether coaching one on one, in a group, or part of a corporate team, Lissa hopes to bring awareness to people’s hearts and spirits, while rekindling what matters most to them on their journey.

Lissa has a Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation, is a Certified MBTI Practitioner, and has certifications in Life and Executive Coaching, and Life Purpose Coaching.  She has re-balanced her own life to be able to follow her passion for helping people in their quest for self-actualization.

Our Approach

Through Transformational Strengths Coaching and Mindset Mentoring we focus on the potential of developing strengths and managing weaknesses!  I've been a huge fan of working to your strengths for many years and I've seen how people's lives can change when they  focus on their strengths, at home, at work, and in life in general.

Building Bridges

I work with both personal clients and corporate teams to explore our individual strengths, those things that we are naturally great at, and those things that make our hearts sing.  This doesn't mean that we ignore our weaknesses, we embrace those too and find strategies to manage around them.

It's time to embrace those things that make you uniquely you so that you can stop struggling to fit into someone else's idea of who you should be.

What's in a Name?

makobe river

There is a small town in Northern Ontario where two rivers meet—one of these rivers is the Makobe.

It was along the banks of this river that I’d laugh and have fun with my friends, where I would spend time with the first boy to break my heart, where I would sit on her banks in contemplation of the mysteries of life.

I shared my biggest secrets, hopes, and dreams with her waters.  The sound of that water rushing over and around the rocks were the soundtrack of my life. She taught me that obstacles may slow us down, but they don’t need to stop us.

Next Steps...

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